Introduction to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trading

Kehinde Lawal
Last Update February 8, 2023
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About This Course

This course explains in detail what every newbie needs to know about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

I covered the basics of buying, selling, trading, and investing in cryptocurrencies.

Do you want to trade crypto profitably? If yes, get started today by enrolling in this course.


11 Lessons

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trading & Investment

What is Bitcoin and Where Did it Come From?
What is Blockchain and Why is it Needed?
Why Own and Invest in Bitcoin, Altcoins, and Cryptocurrencies?
What is a Public Key, Private Key, and Wallet Address?
LUNO: How to Buy your First Bitcoin!
How to Store Your Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
How to Send and Receive Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
How to Sign up for Binance (Multi-Cryptocurrency Exchange / Altcoin Exchange)
How to Avoid LUNO Fees!
Bonus: Crypto News, Wallet, Forum, Exchange and Portfolio Management
Cryptocurrency Glossary

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